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Following is the list of Pharmexcil members. Please click on the company name to get more details of that particular company. (Note: Details are available only to Pharmexcil members).

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Company Name Membership Category Website
K S EXIM Merchant Exporter .
K Sevantilal and Co Merchant Exporter -
K. KUMAR & CO. Merchant Exporter http://www.kkumarco.in
K. KUMAR & CO. Merchant Exporter http://www.kkumarco.in
K. Patel Phyto Extractions P Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.phytoextractskp.com
K.A.MALLE PHARMACEUTICALS LTD Large Scale Manufacturer Not Available
K.D. Life Sciences Merchant Exporter
K.Kumar & Co Merchant Exporter .
K.PATEL PHYTO EXTRACTIONS PVT LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.phytoextractskp.com
K.R. HERBALS Merchant Exporter Not Available
K.R. Mehta & Co Merchant Exporter http://www.kranticancer.com
K.R.R.Drugs & Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer
K.V. Natural Ingredients Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter .
Kahnnen Global Merchant Exporter http://www.kahnnen.com
Kailash Enterprises Merchant Exporter ksngroup.in
KAIRAV CHEMOFARBE INDUSTRIES LTD. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kairavchemicals.com
Kaiser Exports Merchant Exporter -
Kaival Impex Merchant Exporter http://www.kaivalimpex.com
Kalash Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kalashpharma.com
KALIBERR LABS Merchant Exporter -
Kalindi Overseas Merchant Exporter -
Kalki Chemical Industries Small Scale Manufacturer -
KALPDRUM ENTERPRISES Merchant Exporter http://www.kalpdrum.com/
KALPESH CORPORATION Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kanaiyagroup.com
KAMAL & SONS Merchant Exporter http://www.kilindia.com/
Kamal & Sons Small Scale Manufacturer -
KAMAL INTERNATIONAL Merchant Exporter http://www.kinternational.co.in
Kamal Life Science Merchant Exporter -
KAMALSONS INTERNATIONAL LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kilindia.com/
Kamla Biochem Merchant Exporter -
Kamron Laboratories Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer
Kansas Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Merchant Exporter -
Kantilal Sanghvi & Co. Merchant Exporter -
KARAN HEALTHCARE PVT LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.karanhealthcare.com
Karbon Pharma Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter .
KARNATAKA ANTIBIOTICS & PHARMACEUTICALS LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.kaplindia.com/
KARNIVALS MEDICA PVT. LTD. Merchant Exporter http://www.karnivalsmedica.com
KARWA DISTRIBUTORS Merchant Exporter -
Kasyap Sweetners Ltd Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.kasyap.com
KAUSIKH THERAPEUTICS PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer ktplchennai.com
Kavbir Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter -
Kay Three Healthcare pvt.ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.kaythreehealthcare.com
KBH Polymers Pvt. Ltd., Small Scale Manufacturer -
KBR Drug Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter
KDM International Merchant Exporter
Kedar Janani Chemplast Pvt. Ltd., Small Scale Manufacturer -
KEE PHARMA LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.keepharma.com
Keimed Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.keimed.com/
Keita Pharma Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.keitapharma.com
KEKULE PHARMA LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kekulepharma.com/
Kemintek Laboratories Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.keminnteklabs.com
KEMIO SOLUTIONS PVT LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.kemiosolutions.com
Kemistree Healthcare LLP Merchant Exporter -
Kemwell Biopharma Pvt Ltd Large Scale Manufacturer http://kemwellindia.com/
Kenoor Organics Pvt Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kenoor.com
kenosis Biotech India Ltd Merchant Exporter .
KERALA AYURVEDA LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.keralaayurveda.biz
Kerala State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd Large Scale Manufacturer .
Kerry Ingredients India Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.kerry.com
Kesar Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer -
KESHAVA ORGANICS PVT. LTD. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.keshavaindia.com/
KESHAVLAL VAJECHAND Merchant Exporter Not Available
Keva Industries Merchant Exporter
Kevin Biotech Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter -
Kevys Labs Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kevyslabs.com
Kewin Chemicals Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter
KEYUR INDUSTRIES Small Scale Manufacturer Not Available
Keyuri Pharmaceuticals Merchant Exporter -
KGN PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD Merchant Exporter Not Available
KHANDELWAL LABORATORIES PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.khandelwallab.com/
Khodal Pharmaceuticals Merchant Exporter -
Khushbu Impex Merchant Exporter -
Khyati Advisory Services Ltd., Merchant Exporter -
Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer -
Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd., Merchant Exporter -
Kilitch Healthcare India Limited Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kilitch.com
Kimia Biosciences Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.kimiabiosciences.com
King Life Sciences Merchant Exporter
Kings Global Biotech Limited Merchant Exporter http://www.kingsglobalbiotech.com
Kiran Impex Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter
KLINTOZ PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.klintoz.com
KNISS LABORATORIES PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.knisslabs.com
KNM Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Small Scale Manufacturer -
Koel Colours Pvt. Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer =
Kohinoor Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter .
Kola pharma Private Limited Merchant Exporter http://www.kolapharma.com
Komal Enterprises Merchant Exporter http://www.komalenterprises.co.in
Komal Exporters Merchant Exporter xx
Kompel Pharma Merchant Exporter http://www.kompelpharma.com
Konark Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter -
Konduskar Laboratories Pvt.Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer
KONTEST CHEMICALS LTD Small Scale Manufacturer
KOPALLE PHARMA CHEMICALS PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kopalle.in
KOPRAN LIMITED Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.kopran.com/
KOPRAN LIMITED Merchant Exporter http://www.kopran.com/
Kopran Research Laboratories Ltd Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.kopran.com
KORES (INDIA) LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.korescd.com
Kosher Pharmaceuticals Merchant Exporter
KOTHARI PHYTOCHEMICALS & INDUSTRIES LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.kothariphyto.com
Krauter Health Care Limited Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.krauter.in
Kreativ Chembiz Merchant Exporter http://www.kreativchembiz.com
KREATIVE ORGANICS PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kreativeorganics.com
KREMOINT PHARMA PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://kremointpharma.trade-india.com/
Krish Pharmayu Merchant Exporter .
Krishna Healthcare Merchant Exporter .
Kronox Lab Sciences Pvt. Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kronoxlabsciences.com
Krosyl Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Merchant Exporter -`-
KRS PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.krspharma.com
KS Exim Merchant Exporter .
Kshama Exports Merchant Exporter -
KUDOS CHEMIE LTD Large Scale Manufacturer Not Available
Kudos Laboratories India Small Scale Manufacturer
Kuligai Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter
Kumar Industries Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kumarind.com
Kunjika Healthcare Private limited Merchant Exporter -
KUSUM HEALTH CARE PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://kusumhealthcare.com/
KUSUM HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. Merchant Exporter http://www.kusumhealthcare.com
KWALITY PHARMACEUTICALS LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.kpplpharma.com/
KYFA BIOTECH Small Scale Manufacturer -
Kyusep Healthcare Merchant Exporter -
Kyusep Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Merchant Exporter -