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Following is the list of Pharmexcil members. Please click on the company name to get more details of that particular company. (Note: Details are available only to Pharmexcil members).

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Company Name Membership Category Website
H.S.Enterprises Merchant Exporter -
H.V.A.INTERNATIONAL Merchant Exporter -
HAB PHARMACEUTICALS & RESEARCH LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.habpharma.in
HAFFKINE BIO-PHARMACEUTICAL CORP. LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://vaccinehaffkine.com
HALCYON LABS PVT. LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.halcyonlabs.com/
Halcyon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.indswiftlabs.com
Hale Pharmaceuticals Merchant Exporter -
Halewood Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.halewoodlabs.com
HAMAX PHARMACEUTICALS Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hamaxpharma.com
HAMAX PHARMACEUTICALS Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hamaxpharma.com
Hamd International Merchant Exporter
Hanaka Organics Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter -
Hansika Impex Merchant Exporter http://hansikaimpex.com/
Hanuchem Laboratories Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hanuchem.com
Haoma Healthcare Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter .
Hapax Pharma Private Limited Merchant Exporter -
HARASHA PHARMA PVT. LTD. Merchant Exporter http://www.harashapharma.com
HARIKA DRUGS (P) LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.harikadrugs.com
HARMAN FINOCHEM LIMITED Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.harmanfinochem.com
Harmony Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.harmonylifescience.com
HARSON EXPORTS Merchant Exporter http://harsonlab.com/
Harson Healthcare Merchant Exporter http://www.harsonhealthcare.com
HARSON LABORATORIES Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.harsonlab.com/
Harson Labs Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.harsonlab.com
Hartfort Life Sciences Merchant Exporter http://www.hartfortlifesciences.com
HASTAND EXPORT MARKETING PVT LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.hastand.com
Hazor Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter .
HBC Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter -
Health Best Merchant Exporter http://www.healthbest.co.uk
HEALTH BIOTECH PVT LTD., Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.healthbiotech.in
HEALTH SECURE(INDIA) PVT. LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.healthsecure.co.in
Healthcaps India Ltd. Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.healthcapsindia.com/
Healthcare Formulations Pvt. Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.pharmamfg.in
Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Merchant Exporter http://www.usanpharma.com
Healthcare Ventures Merchant Exporter
Healthilife Exim (India) Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.healthlife.net
Healthium Medtech Private Limited Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.suturesin.com/
HEALTHY LIFE PHARMA PVT. LTD. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.healthypharma.com
Hebron International Small Scale Manufacturer -
HEER PHARMA PVT LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.heerpharma.com
Heet Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.heethealthcare.com
Heidelberg Trading Company Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.heidelbergtradingco.com
Heilen Biopharma Pvt.Ltd., Merchant Exporter info@heilenbiopharma.com
HELIOS PHARMACEUTICALS Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.heliospharma.com
Helm India Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.helmindia.com
Hem Enterprise Small Scale Manufacturer -
Hem-Deep Organics Pvt. Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hemdeeporganics.com
HEMA LABORATORIES PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer -
Hema Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hemapharma.com
Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hemantsurgical.com
Hemlin Chemicals Merchant Exporter -
HEMMO PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hemmopharma.com
Hems & Nephews Exports Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter .
Hems India Merchant Exporter .
Hemsur Exports Merchant Exporter -
HENI CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.henichem.com
HENI DRUGS PVT. LTD Small Scale Manufacturer -
Hepta Kings Impex Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.heptakings.com
Heptachem Pharma (India) Private Limited Small Scale Manufacturer .
Herba Neuva Impex Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter -
Herbal Creations Small Scale Manufacturer -
Herbal Diets Small Scale Manufacturer .
HERBAL SOLUTIONS Merchant Exporter http://www.herbalsolutionsindia.com
Herbapex Botanical Pvt. Ltd., Merchant Exporter http://www.herbapex.in
Herbasynth Medicare Small Scale Manufacturer -
Herbert Brown Pharmaceutical & Research Labs Small Scale Manufacturer acharyagroup.com
HERBO CHEM Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.herbochem.com
Herbochem Industries Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hcimenthol.com
Herboil Chem Merchant Exporter http://www.herboilchem.com
Herboveda India Merchant Exporter .
HERBS INDIA Small Scale Manufacturer Not Available
Hermadis Pharmaceuticals Private Limited Merchant Exporter .
Hester Biosciences Ltd. Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.hesterpharma.com
HETERO DRUGS LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.heterodrugs.com/
Hetero Healthcare Limited Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.heterohealthcare.com
HETERO LABS LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://heterodrugs.com/web/htmls/home.htm
Hexa Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter
HEXAGON NUTRITION PVT. LTD., Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hexagonnutrition.com
Hightech Healthcare Merchant Exporter http://www.hightechhealthcare.com
Higlance Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.higlance.com
HILDOSE Merchant Exporter -
HILLGREEN HERBALS PVT LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.hillgreen.com/
Hilsun Foods Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter -
Hilton Hyman Healthcare Merchant Exporter http://www.hiltonhymanhealthcare.com
HIMALAYA CHEMICAL LABORATORY PHARMACY (REGD.) Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.indiamart.com/himalaya
Himalaya Exim Merchant Exporter
HIMALAYAN PRODUCTS & INDUSTRIES CORPORATION PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hpic.in
HIMPRIT PHARMACHEM PVT LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.himprit.com
Himtaj Medicare Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.himtajmedicaredelhi.com
Himtaj Medicare Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.himtajmedicaredelhi.com
HIND PHARMA Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hindpharma.com
HINDUSTAN ANTIBOTICS LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.hindantibiotics.com
HINDUSTAN BASIC DRUGS Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hindustanbasicdrugs.com/
Hindustan Biosynth Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hindustanbiosys.com
Hindustan Herbals Limited Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hindustanherbals.org
HINDUSTAN PHARMACEUTICALS Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hindustanpharmaceuticals.com/
Hindustan Pharmaceuticals, Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hindphrm.com/
Hindustan Phosphates Pvt Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hindustangroup.com
HINDUSTHAN BIOSYNTH LTD Small Scale Manufacturer -
Hindys lab private limited Small Scale Manufacturer ..
hippocampus Health Care Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.hippocampushealthcare.com
Hiral Labs Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hirallabs.com
Hitesh Chemicals & Drugs Pvt Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hathway.com
Hll Lifecare Ltd. Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.hindlatex.com
HMK Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter -
HOLDEN MEDICAL PVT LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.holdenlabindia.com
HOLDEN MEDICAL LABORATORIES PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.holdenlabindia.com
HONEST BIO-VET PVT. LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.honestbiovet.com/
Honour Lab Ltd Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.heterodrugs.com
Hootone Remedies Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hootone.org
Hope Remedies Private Limited Merchant Exporter http://www.hoperemedies.com
Horizon LIfesciences Pvt. Ltd., Merchant Exporter -
Hospiline Equipments Pvt Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hospiline.in
HOUSEHOLD PHARMACEUTICALS LTD Small Scale Manufacturer Not Available
Hritik Chemicals Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.hritikchemical.com
HRJ Surgicals Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.hrjsurgicals.com
HRV Global Life Sciences Private Limited Merchant Exporter .
Humble Healthcaare Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.humblehealthcare.com
Huvepharma Sea (Pune) Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.huvepharma.com
Hy Care International Merchant Exporter http://www.hycareint.com
HY-GRO CHEMICALS PHARMTEK PVT LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.hygrochemicals.com
Hyrio Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.hyriolabs.com
Hyvepharma Sea (Pune) Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.huvepharma.com