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Following is the list of Pharmexcil members. Please click on the company name to get more details of that particular company. (Note: Details are available only to Pharmexcil members).

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Company Name Membership Category Website
Fab Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.fabpharmaceuticals.com
Fabtech Partition Systems LLP Merchant Exporter -
Fagris Medica Pvt. Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.fagris.com
FALMA LABORATORIES PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.falma.com
Famy Care Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.famycare.com
Farbe Firma Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.farbefirma.com
Farma Glow Merchant Exporter http://www.farmaglow.com
FARMACHEM LIFE PVT. LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.farmachem.co.in
FARMACHEM PVT. LTD. Merchant Exporter http://farmachemindia.com
Farmakon Nutrivet. Merchant Exporter http://www.farmakonnutrivet.in
FARMSON PHARMACEUTICAL GUJARAT PVT LTD. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.farmson.com
Fast Track Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer -
FDC LIMITED Merchant Exporter http://www.fdcindia.com/
FDC LIMITED Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.fdcindia.com/
Felix Generics Pvt Ltd Large Scale Manufacturer .
Felix Pharma Labs Merchant Exporter -
FERMENTA BIOTECH LTD Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.fermentabiotech.com
Fermenta Biotech Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.fermentabiotech.com
FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.ferring.com
Ferrochem Industries Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.ferrochem.co.in
Fertin India Pvt. Ltd., Merchant Exporter -
Festal Farma Merchant Exporter -
Fikay International Merchant Exporter -
Finar Limited Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.finarchemicals.com
FINE CURE PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.finecurepharma.com
Fine Cure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.finecurepharma.com
FINE PHARMACHEM Merchant Exporter -
Fine Surgicals Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.finesutures.in
Finebiotics Pharma Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.finebiotics.com
Finekem Laboratories Pvt Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.amriglobal.com
Fisher Biopharma Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.thermofisher.com
Fitwel Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter -
Flagship Biotech International Merchant Exporter http://www.flagshipbiotech.com
Flagship Biotech International Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.flagshipbiotech.com
Flamingo Pharmaceuticals Ltd Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.flamingopharma.com
Flamingo Pharmaceuticals Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.flamingopharma.com.
FLAX LABORATORIES Small Scale Manufacturer -
FLEMING LABORATORIES LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.fleminglabs.com
Forest Gold Products Pvt. LtdFOREST GOLD PRODUCTS PVT. LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.lamarnatural.com
FORT HERBAL DRUGS Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.fortherbaldrugs.com
Fortcaps Healthcare Limited Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.eeicapsules.com
Fortune Healthcare Merchant Exporter http://www.fortunehealthcare.in
Fountil Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.fountil.com
FOURRTS (INDIA) LABORATORIES PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.fourrts.com/
FRANCO-INDIAN PHARMACEUTICALS P. LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.francoindian.com
FRANCO-INDIAN PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.francoindia.com
FRANKEL HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.frankelhealthcare.com
Fredun Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.fredunpharma.com
FREDUN PHARMACEUTICALS LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.fredungroup.com
FRESENIUS KABI INDIA PVT. LTD. Large Scale Manufacturer http:www.fresenius-kabi.com
Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.daburpharma.com
FTF Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter http://www.ftfpharma.com
FULLIFE HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.fullife.co.in
Futura Surgicare Pvt Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.dolphinsutures.com
Future Pharmaceutical Co. Merchant Exporter http://www.futurepharmaceutical.com
Futuristic Packaging Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.futuristic.net.in