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Following is the list of Pharmexcil members. Please click on the company name to get more details of that particular company. (Note: Details are available only to Pharmexcil members).

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Company Name Membership Category Website
I M Healthcare Pvt Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.imhealthcare.in
I-Care Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.icarepharm.in
IASO Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter .
Iatric Life Sciences Private Limited Merchant Exporter ww.latriclifesciences.com
iBongo pvt ltd Small Scale Manufacturer
Icarus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.icarushealth.com
ICBIO Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.icbiocro.com
Icon Meditech Pvt. Ltd Merchant Exporter -
ICPA Health Products Limited Merchant Exporter http://www.icpahealth.com
ICPA HEALTH PRODUCTS LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.icpahealth.com
IDEAL CURES PVT LTD Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.idealcures.com/
Idol Biotec Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter
Igenius Life Science LLP Small Scale Manufacturer -
Iko Overseas Merchant Exporter -
Ikrish Healthcare Pvt Ltd Merchant Exporter http://www.ikrishhealthcare.com
ILA BIOMARINE PVT LTD Merchant Exporter http://www.ilabio.com
ilife Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd. Small Scale Manufacturer http://www.ilifemedicaldevices.com
Imex Overseas Merchant Exporter http://www.imexoverseas.in
Immacule Lifesciences Pvt.. Ltd. Large Scale Manufacturer http://www.immacule.in
Immugen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Exporter -