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India Pavilion at Arab health, Dubai, UAE - 29th Jan - 01 Feb 2023




PXL/HO/Cir-054/2023-24                                                                            Date: 15.09.2023



India Pavilion


Dubai, UAE

29th January – 01st February, 2024

Hall: Sheikh Maktoum


Dear Sir / Madam,


Subject: India Pavilion at Arab health, Dubai, UAE - 29th Jan - 01 Feb 2023  


We are glad to inform that for the 17th consecutive year, Council is participating in Arab Health 2024, which will be held during 29 Jan – 01 Feb 2024 at Dubai, by organizing India Pavilion with 555 sq. meters of space. 


Highlights of the event:


·         Arab Healthis one of the major International exhibitions in Middle East.

·         Over 3450+ exhibitors from 70+ countries, including International country pavilions display their healthcare products and services at the exhibition.

·         Arab Health is focused for Surgicals, Medicals equipment, Herbal products, Pharmaceuticals etc.

·         More and more number of visitors attending India Pavilion looking for Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals also.

·         India Pavilion is being organized, in 555 sq. mts of space located in Sheikh Maktoum Hall with 65 stalls.

·         With the support of Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, Council is able to offer stalls in India Pavilion at a lesser cost than the cost of stalls offered by the organizers.

·         Stalls can be reserved through online reservation system.


India Pavilion:


Please click on the following links to see the floor plans of Arab Health Overall and India Pavilion layouts: 


Arab Health 2024 - Overall Plan


India Pavilion in Sheikh Maktoum Hall


Construction of Pavilion:


Pavilion will be constructed at par with International Standards and individual participants need not go for their own designs.  However, members are at liberty to have own designs for their stalls, subject to the height limits prescribed by the organizers for Pavilions and also without causing any disturbance to the Top Branding of India Pavilion. Members who would like have their own designs, may send the designs to us for prior approval. It may be noted that only bare space will not be allowed in Pavilion.


Cost of Participation:


We are pleased to inform you that with support of Government, Pharmexcil is offering Stalls in India Pavilion at concessional rates and the details of which are given below:


Sl. No.

Stall size

Stall Cost in Rs.


12 sq. meter corner (6 nos)



12 sq. meter (4 nos)



9 sq. meter corner (21nos)



9 sq. meter (14nos)



6 sq. meter (20nos)



Note: The above cost includes minimum furniture like 1 info counter, 1 meeting table, 2/3 chairs, 1 brochure stand, lights, fascia, 1 dust bin, electricity & Insurance/VAT, lead generation basic package, administration & registration fee etc.


Allotment of Stalls:


With a view to make the allotment procedure easy and transparent, we made the reservation of stalls online.  Interested members may please click on the following linkreserve as per your choice.


(The above link will open at 2.30 p.m. on 21 Sep 2023 only)


To book a stall, please follow the steps given below:


·         Click on the above link for opening the Online Reservation of Floor plan.

·         Select a stall and click on that for the next process.

·         Enter IEC Number(10 digits/characters), a dropdown of company name will be display.

·         Select your company name.

·         The data will be display (pre-filled from the database).

·         Review all the data or Edit the fields and update your current details.

·         Select the check box of Terms & Conditions

·         Click on “RESERVE” to reserve the stall selected by you. (As the process is programmed, so on first-cum-first submission of the form, will only be able to reserve that particular stall).


Please note the following terms:


·         Members can reserve stalls as per their choice, subject to a maximum of 2 stalls (adjacent/side-by-side) only.

·         Due to our agreement with the organizers, no member/group of companies will be allotted not more than 18 sq. meters of space. Members are requested to note this important point.

·         If the members block too many stalls denying chances for others to participate. So if we find any member/group companies made reservation of more than allowed, all such bookings will be deactivated from the system, without any notice, leaving only one stall which is reserved first. 

·         Some of the member companies reserve stalls at different locations and later-on requesting for adjustments and this is not allowed – strictly.

·         Stalls reserved by one company/group companies at different locations will be released, without any notice, by keeping only one stall which is reserved first.

·         Two stalls reserved by one company/group companies together at one place will be kept as it is.




·         100% payment has to be made within 12 days of reservation, failing which reservation gets automatically cancelled, without any further notice and the same will be allotted to the other companies in the waiting list.

·         Payments should reach PHARMEXCIL on or before 2nd October 2023 “end of the day” only.

·         For information/reference, share the payment remittance copies via email to accounts@pharmexcil.com, webdesk@pharmexcil.com only or update on this link https://forms.gle/qHz6Tr61FcYXDVbw9.


Cancellation of stalls:


Cancellation is not allowed once the stall is reserved/allotted. Reservation of stall gets automatically cancelled, if the payment is not received within the scheduled time without any further notice/communications.


MAI Support to the Participants:


India Pavilion stalls are priced at concessional rates already, taking into account of the financial assistance available from Government. In addition, Members will be reimbursed their travelling expenses to a maximum extent of Rs.90,000/- per member per company and subject to the provisions of MAI scheme Latest Guidelines& release of funds by Government.


·         The exhibitor should be a member of the Council and have completed one year of membership.

·         Export turnover of the exhibitor should be less than/upto Rs.50 crores during previous financial year.

·         Should not have participated through our Pavilion in Arab Health for not more than 3 years.


Eligible members may use the following link to submit their claims for reimbursement of above assistance within 30 (thirty) days of completion of the event.




All members aspiring to increase their exports in Middle East and African region are advised to participate in this important event.


For further information if any, please send email to webdesk@pharmexcil.com, support@pharmexcil.com.


Thanking you,


Yours sincerely,



Udaya Bhaskar
Director General