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Trade Enquiry by M/s. Vesalius Pharma, Bogota, Colombia



PXL/HO/BEC-007/2023-24                                                                            Date: 01.12.2023


Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Trade Enquiry by M/s. Vesalius Pharma, Bogota, Colombia


Members are kindly aware that Pharmexcil has been facilitating several trade enquiries in close coordination with our missions abroad and from potential buyers promoting Indian pharmaceuticals worldwide.


Pharmexcil is further in receipt of communication from M/s. Vesalius Pharma, Bogota, Colombia wherein they urgently want to procure the following products to be imported without registration. Except for the first product (1), after the first batch the product mentioned in 2,3,4 the registration of this products are necessary.


  1. Vitamin A 5000 IU, D 800 IU, E 100 IU, K 1 mg, Zinc. These should be identical compounds, neither one more nor one less and minimum this IU and mg or more. 100,000 tablets, capsules, or soft capsules. Please quote FOB prices, and shelf-life. Also, then We will need artwork of packaging and blister, insert or leaflet, GMP certificate, CoA of the last batch, and analysis methodology.


  1. Multivitamins, lyophilized powder, vial, I.V.
  2. Pediatric Multivitamins, lyophilized powder, vial, I.V.
  3. ACD Trivitamins: Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D, solution, bottle with dropper or calibrated dropper 


Member companies who are interested may contact them directly. The contact details of M/s. Vesalius Pharma, Bogota, Colombia are as follows:


Mr.  Luis Ganriel Gonzalez Marin


M/s. Vesalius Pharma

Bogota, Colombia

Mobile: +57-316-4113244

Tel: +57-1-7422288 Ext. 113

Email: info@vesaliuspharma.com

Website: www.vesaliuspharma.com


We are also enclosingherewith their corporate brochures for your kind perusal.


Member companies having business operations in Colombia or in the LATAM region and dealing with the above-mentioned products may take advantage of this opportunity and contact the above-mentioned Colombian company directly.


With regards,


Uday Bhaskar

Director General


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