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Trade Enquiry - Uzbekistan


PX/HO/BEC-007/2017-18                                                                                                                  Date: 17.08.2017



All the Members of Council,


Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Trade Enquiry - Uzbekistan


Subject:  Enquiry from Uzbekistan for supply of Biological Food Supplements & Oncology Products from India.


We are pleased to inform our members that the "PHARMCLUB UZBEKISTAN", Tashkent, is seeking business cooperation with Indian Companies for supply of "Biological Food Supplements" and Oncology Products". List of products sought by PHARMCLUB is enclosed herewith for your ready reference.


Members may write to PHARMCLUB Uzbekistan for more details or clarification, if any, with a copy marked to the Council for our information & follow up.


PHARMCLUB Uzbekistan

89a, Osiyo Street,

Yunusabad District



Tel. No. + 998 95 198 1113

Fax No. + 998 71 230 0869

Email:  info@pharmclub.uz


Specific products as per enclosed list is requested by them. Hence, we request our members to respond directly with a copy marked to the Council for information.


Thanks & regards

Uday Bhaskar

Director General


Encl:  List of products requested by PHARMCLUB Uzbekistan.


Important Note: Members may please note that the above information is circulated on the basis of information received from Pharmclub, Uzbekistan. Members are advised to make their own decisions before finalizing their business transactions.