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RFQ for products by CENARES, Lima, Peru


PX/HO/BEC-009/2017-18                                                                                                                  Date: 08.09.2017



All the Members of Council,


Dear Sir/Madam,


Subject: RFQ for products by CENARES, Lima, Peru


As a part of the important meetings scheduled during Pharmexcil's business delegation to Peru, a very significant interaction took place with The National Center for the Supply of Strategic Health Resources - CENARES of the Ministry of Health of Peru on 6th Sep 2017.The meeting was held between Pharmexcil and CENARES. Pharmexcil  and CENARES side were headed by DG and General Director respectively.


National Center for the Supply of Strategic Health Resources - CENARES, a decentralized agency of MINSA, is a specialized agency responsible for providing strategic health resources for health interventions prioritized by the health sector.  It also runs the corporate purchasing processes in which the Regional Governments and Health Services Management Institute, MINDEF (Ministry of Defense), MININTER (Ministry of Home Affairs) and EsSALUD (Social Health Insurance) participates.


In recent years, it has had an approximate budget allocation of 500 million soles, which, efficiently used, have allowed each year to substantially increase the number of units distributed, ensuring the sustainability of the supply of medicines and vaccines, medical devices, material Laboratory, pesticides and veterinary products for health use, which are used in interventions related to Immunizations, Tuberculosis, STI / HIV-AIDS, Family Planning, Malaria, Dengue, Heavy Metals, Eye Health, Nutrition, among others Public health interventions and in emergency situations.


Soon after the meeting the agency has sent the requirement for the following products:



·  Primaquine 15 mg - Quantity:  814.100 tab

·  Primaquine 7.5 mg - Quantity: 554.400 tab

·  Clindamicyn 600 mg/ml - Quantity: 43.200 ampule

·  Chloroquine 150 mg - Quantity:   566.500 tab

·  Mefloquine 250 mg - Quantity:    32.100 tab

·  Clindamicyn 300 mg - Quantity: 1.344.000



·  Capreomycin 1 G Inj - Quantity: 55.580


Reproductive Health

·  Iron (sulphate) + Folic Acid  60 MG + 400 MCG Tab - Quantity: 19.673.808



Shelf life: >18 months from arrival to Perú


Please send the details to rd.aks@pharmexcil.comwith a copy to dg@pharmexcil.com urgently by 20th September 2017. CENARES will evaluate and revert back with other terms and conditions through Pharmexcil as nodal agency for communication and validity of members' credentials.


With best regards

Raghuveer Kini

Executive Director