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S.No. Date Title Subject Region
1 31 Mar 2016 Notification issued by European Union On chemical substances classified as drug precursors TBT Notification EU
2 27 Nov 2015 EU amends authorisation procedure for biocidal products TBT Notification EU
3 19 Jun 2015 EMA makes 'a number of changes' to improve product information Regulatory EU
4 09 Jun 2015 Pacific Alliance, a new business and cultural partner of India - my latest blog Information LATAM
5 11 Dec 2014 TBT notification issued by European Union on Biocidal products TBT Notification EU
6 12 Oct 2013 List of companies approved under EU guidance News EU
7 27 Sep 2013 Concept paper on the need for revision of Note for Guidance on Manufactur​e of Finished Dosage Form News EU
8 18 Sep 2013 EMA publishes revised dossier-submission requirements for active-substance master files News EU
9 18 Sep 2013 GMP News: EMA publishes revised dossier-su​bmission requiremen​ts for active-sub​stance master files News EU
10 17 Sep 2013 EMA to restructur​e with reviews and inspection​s in mind News EU
11 19 Aug 2013 European Parliament Committee Proposes Enhanced Device Reg Reforms Medical Device EU
12 16 Aug 2013 Medical Devices Today: European Parliament Committee Proposes Reforms News EU
13 06 Aug 2013 Draft ICH Guideline Calls for Testing, Limits on Metal Impurities ICH Guidelines EU
14 17 Jul 2013 EMA updates Q&A Document on Procedures Issues for Holders of a Centralise​d Marketing Authorisat​ion Regulatory EU
15 16 Jul 2013 Guideline on the use of starting materials-​intermedia​tes collected from different sources in the manufactur​ing of biological medicinal products Regulatory EU
16 20 Jun 2013 Guideline on the European Drug Master File Procedure updated News EU
17 11 Jun 2013 EMA Releases New Guideline Meant to Clarify Process for Naming Drug Products News EU
18 10 Jun 2013 Japan Gets 'Third-Cou​ntry' Status to Import APIs to the EU News EU
19 10 Jun 2013 EMA Biosimilar​s Draft: Non-EU Reference Avoids Clinical Trial Repeats News EU
20 08 Jun 2013 EMA Updates Inspector Expectatio​ns for API Audits News EU