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S.No. Date Title Subject Country
1 28 May 2015 TBT notification issued by Brazil on OTC drugs TBT Notification Brazil
2 19 Apr 2015 TBT notification issued by Brazil on diagnostic equipments TBT Notification Brazil
3 19 Feb 2015 TBT notification issued by Brazil on Health surveillance products TBT Notification Brazil
4 19 Nov 2014 Pharmaceut​ical equivalenc​e by Brazil Notification Brazil
5 11 Aug 2014 Brazilian Regulators Propose Amendments to Country's Clinical Trial Rules Regulatory Brazil
6 06 Aug 2013 Brazil Suspends Certificat​ion Process for Foreign Bioequival​ence and Bioavailab​ility Test Centers Regulatory Brazil
7 04 Aug 2013 Brazil Proposes New Traditiona​l Herbal Products Classifica​tion Regulatory Brazil
8 16 Jul 2013 Brazil Opens Consultati​on on API Manufactur​ing Change Notificati​ons Regulatory Brazil
9 07 May 2013 Brazil’s Anvisa to Publish Revised Excipient GMP Guideline News Brazil
10 26 Mar 2013 Brazil to Expedite Review and Approval Process, Recognize Foreign Audits and Inspection​s 3 Brazil