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Comittee of Administration
S.No. Name Position Department / Company Name Elected Category Photo
1 Dr. Dinesh Dua Chairman NECTAR LIFE SCIENCES LTD Status Holder Dr. Dinesh Dua
2 Shri Sahil Munjal Vice Chairman IND-SWIFT LABORATORIES LTD Non-SSI Shri Sahil Munjal
3 Shri Shyamal Misra, IAS Joint Secretary Department of Commerce Ex-Officio / Govt. Shri Shyamal Misra, IAS
4 Shri Navdeep Rinwa, IAS Joint Secretary Department of Pharmaceuticals Ex-Officio / Govt. Shri Navdeep Rinwa, IAS
5 Shri Sudhir Kumar, IAS Joint Secretary Department of Health Ex-Officio / Govt. Shri Sudhir Kumar, IAS
6 Shri Sundeep Sarin Advisor/Scientist-G Department of Biotechnology Ex-Officio / Govt. Shri Sundeep Sarin
7 Shri Mahesh Doshi Member DY-MACH PHARMA SSI Shri Mahesh Doshi
8 Shri Bhavin M Mehta Member KILITCH DRUGS INDIA LTD SSI Shri Bhavin M Mehta
9 Shri Bhavin A Patel Member MEDIWIN PHARMACEUTICALS SSI Shri Bhavin A Patel
10 Shri Nipun Jain Member PHARMCHEM SSI Shri Nipun Jain
11 Shri C Satyanarayana Member LAURUS LABS LTD Non-SSI Shri C Satyanarayana
12 Shri Pramod Pimplikar Member SHALINA LABORATORIES PVT LTD Non-SSI Shri Pramod Pimplikar
13 Shri Dodda VVS Reddy Member NOSCH LABS LTD Status Holder Shri Dodda VVS Reddy
14 Shri P Ramesh Babu Member SMS PHARMACEUTICALS LTD Status Holder Shri P Ramesh Babu
15 Shri Vijay Shah Member STALLION LABORATORIES PVT LTD Status Holder Shri Vijay Shah
16 Shri Devang B Shah Member AADIVIGHNESH CHEM PVT LTD Merchant Exporter Shri Devang B Shah
17 Shri Siddharth Daga Member VINS BIOPRODUCTS LTD Elected / R&D / CRO Shri Siddharth Daga
18 Dr Janmeya H Patel Member PETLAD MAHAL AROGYA MANDAL PHARMACY Herbal / Unani / Ayurveda Dr Janmeya H Patel
19 Dr. Dinesh Patel Member Themis Medicare Ltd Others Dr. Dinesh Patel
20 Shri Deepnath Roy Chowdhury Member Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA) Ex-Officio / National Association Shri Deepnath Roy Chowdhury
21 . Vacant . Non-SSI .
22 Shri V V Krishna Reddy Member Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (India) (BDMA) Ex-Officio / National Association Shri V V Krishna Reddy
23 Shri Nilesh Gupta Member Indian Pharmaceuticals Alliance (IPA) Ex-Officio / National Association Shri Nilesh Gupta
24 Shri Chandrakant Bhanushali Member Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers Association (ADMA) Ex-Officio / National Association Shri Chandrakant Bhanushali
25 Dr P M Murali Member Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE) Ex-Officio / National Association Dr P M Murali
26 Shri Udaya Bhaskar, DG Member PHARMEXCIL Ex-Officio / Member Secretary Shri Udaya Bhaskar, DG
27 Shri Raghuveer Kini, ED Member PHARMEXCIL Ex-Officio / Member Secretary Shri Raghuveer Kini, ED
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