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Medicines required by the Seychelles High Commission




PXL/HO/Cir-059/2023-24                                                                            Date: 21.09.2023




Dear Sir/Madam,


Subject: Medicines required by the Seychelles High Commission-List enclosed


We would like to bring to the notice of member companies that Pharmexcil is in receipt of communication from the Department of Pharmaceuticals that the Seychelles High Commission has shared the list of medicines required by the Seychelles.


The list of medicines (essential and non-formulary cancer medicines) required by the Seychelles along with the preferred manufacturer from India has been indicated by the Seychelles side.


Member companies are requested to go through the list and share their willingness to supply the medicines by googleform preferably by 21.Sep.2023 (today evening), to enable Council to share the list with DoP and the Seychelles High Commission.





We look forward to your earlier response.


With regards,



Uday Bhaskar
Director General