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Public notice for Unified Web Portal of CBN.




PXL/HO/Cir-056/2023-24                                                                            Date: 18.09.2023




Dear Member, 


Subject: Public notice for Unified Web Portal of CBN.


This is to inform our Member Companies that CBN (Central Bureau of Narcotics) had earlier issued a Public Notice in July, 2023 regarding a temporary link to the Unified Web Portal (UWP), for Companies to get acquainted with the registration process and online submission of application for export and import of NDPS products.


The UWP has now gone live but many Companies have apparently not registered on this portal. Kindly note that “WITH EFFECT FROM OCTOBER 1st, 2023, ALL APPLICATIONS FOR EXPORT / IMPORT OF NOCs WOULD ONLY BE PROCESSED THROUGH THE UWP”


Hence, Companies are URGENTLY advised to register themselves and take this forward. A Public Notice has been issued by CBN, in this regard, which is self-explanatory.


With regards,


Uday Bhaskar

Director General


ENCL: Public Notice