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Export Opportunity for Indian Manufacturers: Open call from Dutriec S.A., Paraguay




PXL/HO/BEC-006/2023-24                                                                                Date: 25.08.2023


Dear Sir/madam,


Subject: Export Opportunity for Indian Manufacturers: Open call from Dutriec S.A., Paraguay 

Greetings from Pharmexcil!


Members are kindly aware that Pharmexcil has been facilitating several trade enquiries in close coordination with our missions abroad and promoting Indian pharmaceuticals worldwide. Pharmexcil is in receipt of communication from Embassy of India, Paraguay, wherein an M/s. Dutriec S.A., a Paraguay based Company is interested in importing and registering a list of products to Paraguay from India.


Importing pharmaceutical products into Paraguay entails adhering to a specific set of requirements and documentation procedures. To assist you in this process, we kindly request that you review the essential prerequisites for registering pharmaceutical products in Paraguay, as attached below. Additionally, you will find an enclosed list of medicines along with their potential quantities that M/s. Dutriec S.A. requires for your reference.


Member companies having business operations in Paraguay and those willing to enter the Paraguayan market may take advantage of this opportunity and contact M/s. Dutriec S.A., directlyand keep our Embassy in loop (hoc.asuncion@mea.gov.in)


The Contact details of Dutreic S.A. are as follows

Juan Andrés Fernández


M/s. Dutriec S.A.

+595 981 540 151

Email: juan.fernandez.dutriec@gmail.com


With regards


Uday Bhaskar

Director General


Encl.: (a) List of medicine requirement 

 (b)  Product Registration Requirements

(c)  Company Brochure