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Trade Enquiry by Fijian importer




PXL/HO/BEC-004/2023-24                                                                                Date: 27.07.2023



Subject: Trade Enquiry by Fijian importer


Members are kindly aware that Pharmexcil has been facilitating several trade enquiries in close coordination with our missions abroad and promoting Indian pharmaceuticals worldwide. Pharmexcil is further in receipt of communication from High Commission of India, Suva, Fiji wherein a Fijian importer has enquired about a medicine supply that would be called for tender in Fiji.


 The contact details of the Fijian importer are as given below:


Zaheera Cassim

Director- Hyperchem Pharmacies/Ray Pharmaceuticals

Lautoka, Fiji

Ph +6796640335 Fax +6796640329

Mob +6799320116

Email : zaheera@raypharmaceuticals.com.fj

Website: https://raypharmaceuticals.com.fj/


We would like to inform our members that this importer has also attended iPHEX 2023 and have managed to make valuable contacts with our Indian pharma member companies. 


We understand that there is currently a government tender for medicine supply and the medicine needs to be of particular standard i.e. PIC/S standard. Interested Member companies may take advantage of this opportunity & may directly contact the above mentioned Fijian importer keeping our High Commission of India, Suva in loop on email id - com.suva@mea.gov.in


With regards,



Uday Bhaskar

Director General