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Trade Enquiry – Manila, Philippines


PXL/HO/BEC-012/2021-22                                                                              Dt: 11.06.2021





Dear Sir/Madam,


Subject: Trade Enquiry – Manila, Philippines


Pharmexcil is in receipt of enquiry from M/s. Aglobal Care, INC.,  through Indian Embassy at Manila, Philippines, for procurement of Pharmaceuticals. They are looking for Indian Suppliers for the following products;



1) Betamethasone (as dipropionate) 500mcg/g (0.05% w/w) topical cream

2) Fusidic Acid 20mg/g 2 % cream

3) Aciclovir 50mg/g (5%) cream

4) Silvertin Sulfadiazine 10mg/g (1% w/w) cream

5) Sulfur 100mg/g (10% w/w) ointment



6) Methylergometrine maleate 125mcg tablet

7) Aminophylline 25mg/ml soln. for inj.

8) Meropenem (as trihydrate) 50mg powder for inj.

9) Tramadol hydrochloride 50mg/ml soln for inj.

10) Cefotaxime (as sodium) 1g powder for inj.


The suppliers are required to produce following documentation

  1. Dossier
  2. Regulatory Documents
  3. Bioequivalence Documents


Interested companies may contact them directly


Kathleen Chan

R & D Specialist

Email: procurement@aglobalcare.com

Direct Line: (63) (2) 88461363

Fax: (63) (2) 8461029

Website: http://www.aglobalcare.com


With regards,


Udaya Bhaskar

Director General



Disclaimer: Members may please note that the above information is circulated on the basis of information received from M/s. AGLOBALCARE, INC., through Indian Embassy, Manila, Philippines. Members are advised to make their own decisions before finalizing their business transactions.