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Update by Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan


PXL/HO/Cir-127/2020-21                                                                               Date: 09.02.2021


Dear Member,



Subject: Update by Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan 



Pharmexcil is in receipt of communication from our mission in Baku wherein the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan has reviewed reported issues in reference to market access by Indian companies.



The following considerations have been shared post analysis by the Republic of Azerbaijan:


  • About 190 medicines from 50 enterprises of the Republic of India have passed state reg­istration in Azerbaijan.
  • Tariff (price) Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan has adjusted the price of 278 medi­cines (including packaging types) produced in the Republic of India.
  • State regulation of prices for medicinal products is carried out in accordance with the rules approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the instructions approved by the Tariff (price) Council
  • Prices for medicines are regulated based on the reference price method, which is widely used in international practice and is a progressive method of regulation.
  • The regulation of prices for medicines is based on the methodology of basis prices;
  • Reference prices are determined based on the active ingredients, raw dosage, pharma­ceutical form, the unit amount in the packaging, taking into account wholesale pharma­ceutical companies official selling price of medicine in the reference countries.
  • In terms of price regulation, the countries of production are divided into 3 groups.
  • Price of medicines produced in the Republic of India is taken as the lowest reference price in the reference countries, which are the member states of the European Customs Union and the level of prices in these countries, in general, is higher than in the Republic of India.
  • For information, it is noted that the approach to the regulation of prices of medicines, ap­plied to Indian companies, is also applied to companies from countries such as Azerbai­jan, Pakistan, South Korea, China, Brazil, Argentina, Serbia, Macedonia, Russian Fed­eration, Belarus, Ukraine.
  • The relatively low determination of prices compared to the medicines produced by Euro­pean countries creates an additional opportunity for the Companies of the Republic of India to increase their market share.



The above information is disseminated in favor of your information.



With regards



Uday Bhaskar

Director General