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Opportunity to supply medicines to Guiyang City, China: Proposed visit to Guiyang during 18-19 Oct.2018


PXL/HO/Cir- 050/2018-19                                                                            Date: 1st October 2018




Dear Sir/Madam,


Subject: Opportunity to supply medicines to Guiyang City, China: Proposed visit to Guiyang during 18-19 Oct.2018.

We would like to bring kind notice of the member companies that Council is in receipt of communication from our Embassy at Beijing, China stating that the Guiyang province is interested in procuring medicines from India.

Members are kindly aware, Pharmexcil along with Department of Commerce and Missions in China is actively pursuing the Chinese Government for fast track registration and medicines supplies from India. Towards this direction, Embassy of India at Beijing has taken up the issue of procuring Indian medicines with officials of Guiyang city government authorities. In a meeting between Ambassador and Mayor of Guiyang city (provincial capital) last week, the Mayor expressed interest of introducing Indian drugs/medicines to the city and provincial health system and proposed that Indian pharma companies should visit Guiyang and have meetings with relevant authorities such as hospitals, procurement agencies, government officials etc.

The city government of Guiyang has proposed to organize the subject event on 18-19 October 2018 and requested the Mission to provide suitability for holding the visit of Indian companies to Guiyang.

We therefore request the member companies interested to visit the Guiyang City to please confirm your participation to dd.smk@pharmexcil.com, along with your company profile and the list of products/drugs (including name of products, pesticide effect, approval status, etc.) manufactured by your company.

Based on the response received from member companies, Council will communicate to the Department of Commerce and Embassy at Beijing. China and firm up the visit to Guiyang.

We look forward to your confirmation at the earliest, to enable Pharmexcil to finalize the scheduled visit to Guiyang.

With regards,


Udaya Bhaskar

Director General