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Trade Enquiry - For an exclusive manufacturer for the required products by an Egyptian Company



PXL/HO/BEC-010/2022-23                                                                          Dt: 14.10.2022



Subject: Trade Enquiry - For an exclusive manufacturer for the required products by an Egyptian Company.


We are glad to inform you that our Council has received a trade inquiry from Family's Choice inc through the Indian embassy, Egypt. They are looking for an exclusive manufacturer for their products and please find below their requirements. 


1.  To develop their organic products portfolio with the selected ingredients shown in the company profile attached, through their R&D unit within the manufacturer.

2. Register the products at the AYUSH & FSSAI & USDA Organic authorities.

3- Outsource the raw materials from a reputable source that is USDA Organic certified.

4- Exclusive manufacture the products portfolio at their manufacturing units.

5- Package the products produced at the design shown in the Company profile.


They are looking for a manufacturer with the following specifications:


1. Have high production capacity as the amounts in the request are initial amounts.

2. Hold the certificates of:

a. ISO 2200, ISO 9001

b. GMP

c.  NPOP, USDA Organic, HALAL.

d. Dietary Supplements authorization from FSSAI / AYUSH

3. Can produce and package within 30 days of contracting.

4. Can produce different dosage forms, for future development of products like vegan tablets and capsules, Cosmetics creams, gummies etc.


Interested members can directly contact them at below details :

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, CEO

M/s Family's Choice inc.

Email: moh.ar.roshdy@gmail.com.


The members may therefore, take advantage of the information to further their business.


With best regards


Uday Bhaskar

Director General


Encl:  Company profile & Product name and description list


Important Note: Members may please note that the above information is circulated on the basis of information received to us. Members are advised to make their own decisions before finalizing their business transactions.