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RoDTEP - Request for Data Submission


PXL/HO/Cir-061/2020-21                                                                                     Date: 01.09.2020



Dear Sir/Madam,


Subject: RoDTEP - Request for Data Submission

This is in continuation of our Circulars dt: 12.August and 19 August 2020, we again request our member companies to submit the data immediately in the R1, R2, R3 formats to Pharmexcil for making a presentation to the RoDTEP Committee.

It may kindly be noted that during the deliberation with the RoDTEP Committee, it is observed that the Committee is liberal in its approach and open to include all kinds of taxes in its calculation and that too without any ceiling. Now the onus is on us to give appropriate Cost Sheet/data/details of various sectors which could be taken as benchmark. During the meeting, EPCs have agreed to furnish the following details which can apply to the entire industry represented by them:

  1. Embedded taxes per rupee of road transportation cost. Embedded taxes on diesel and items like tyres can be taken into account.
  2. Embedded taxes per rupee of rail transportation.
  • Embedded taxes per unit of electricity consumed. This may include taxes paid on coal, transport of coal to power generating units, electricity duty and tax on sale/consumption of power generated by power plants.


The said work sheets should show the effect of embedded tax on accounting of each item and the legislation involved, if any. Detailed notes on the calculations involved in these working sheets must also be provided.

Further, the response of the Committee on the issues raised by FIEO is enclosed for your information and dissemination amongst your members so that clarity is perpulated at the exporter’s end.

With regards,


Dr.Dinesh Dua