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IPHEX 2020 –Refund of Stall Charges to Member Exhibitors


PXL/HO/Cir-013/2020-21                                                                            Date:17.04.2020



Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: IPHEX 2020 –Refund of Stall Charges to Member Exhibitors

Members are kindly aware, IPHEX 2020 scheduled during 6th-8th May 2020 at IEML, Greater Noida has been postponed due to COVID 19 pandemic across the globe. Pharmexcil is examining the possibilities of holding the IPHEX 2020 during August/Sep.2020, subject to normalcy restoration in India and abroad.

We understand that the entire Pharma and ancillary industries are facing unprecedented hardships despite they are declared as essential services.  In view of the difficulties faced by the members for continuing the manufacturing operations, the Government has given stimulus through various relief measures to tide over acute problems arising out of COVID 19 devastation.  In line with the Government measures, the validity of the Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) of the members are extended until 30th Sep.2020. 

In order to facilitate the cash flow in the hands of the industry and to give breathing space to the members at these difficult times,  Pharmexcil has decided to refund the amount collected towards IPHEX stall charges (excluding GST) to the exhibitors with a 10% RETENTION FEE. It may kindly be noted that Pharmexcil has paid GST of 18% to the Government and MEMBER exhibitors have also availed the GST input towards the Stall charges at IPHEX 2020.

Kindly be noted that the stalls which were allocated earlier will be retained in the name of the company, unless otherwise, they cancel the same. The Stall position and the hall layout of IPHEX 2020, whenever scheduled at a later date during this year, will remain unchanged.  The retention fee of 10% will be adjusted to the exhibitors towards the stall payment charges of IPHEX 2020.

Member companies looking for refund are requested to send an email to accounts@pharmexcil.com with a copy to rodelhi@pharmexcil.com and mail@iphex-india.com along with their bank details for arranging the transfer by RTGS/NEFT accordingly.


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Members may kindly note that the new dates of IPHEX will be shared post normalcy.

With regards,


Uday Bhaskar
Director General