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Good News for Exporters to ARGENTINA - Import of Formulations from INDIA is now allowed


Ref: PXL/H.O./CIR-038/2014-15                                      Date: 21.08.2014


Good News for Exporters to ARGENTINA Import of Formulations from INDIA is now allowed


All the Members of Council,

Dear Sir/Madam,

As members are aware, export of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals to Argentina hitherto was restricted due to domestic policies of Argentina Government.  While import of APIs was allowed, Pharmaceutical formulations from India was not permitted.  In fact, import of Pharmaceutical formulations into Argentina was permitted only from a few countries.    Pharmexcil and Government of India have been trying to get India also included in the list of permitted countries for the last several years. 

We are happy to inform members that Argentina Government has issued a Notification/Decree including INDIA in the above list, with effect from 8th August 2014.  Copy of the Decree passed by Government of Argentina in this regard (unofficial English version) is attachedherewith for reference of members.

This incredible policy change by Argentina, including India in the list of countries allowed to import pharmaceuticals, has become possible only due to constant persuasion by H.E. Ambassador of Indian Embassy in Argentina and senior officials of Department of Commerce, Govt. of India, at various levels.

We advise members to take note of this important opportunity to explore the huge potential in Argentina and take advantage of the same.

We take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciations to the Department of Commerce and Embassy of India in Argentina, on behalf Indian Pharma Industry.  We hope, their efforts would go a long way to promote Indian Pharma exports to Argentina.

With regards,

Dr. P V Appaji

Director General


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