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Evaluation of the MAI Scheme - Reg


PXL/HO/Cir-035/2020-21                                                                  Date: 12.06.2020



Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Evaluation of the MAI Scheme - Reg

We would like to inform member companies that the Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme is due for appraisal as per the extant of Government instructions and an independent third party evaluation is mandatory before appraisal and approval of the Scheme by the competent authority for its continuity. 

In this regard, IIFT has been engaged by the Department of Commerce for the third party evaluation of the MAI Scheme.  The evaluation of the Scheme is being done by a Team led by Prof. Rakesh Mohan Joshi, Project Leader and Dr. Pooja Lakhanpal, Associate Professor, Team member.

Members are kindly aware, Product Registration reimbursement and airfare reimbursement (for expo cum BSM and Delegations) are the two important components under this Scheme by which several companies have received the financial assistance through Pharmexcil and benefited in exporting the products globally. IPHEX BSMs are also organized annually under the MAI scheme inviting about 600 importers from 100 plus countries.

In this context, IIFT has devised a questionnaire and requested Pharmexcil to obtain inputs from member companies for better evaluation of the Scheme.

We, therefore request member companies to kindly spare some time, duly fill the attached questionnaire and send it to dgdesk@pharmexcil.com by 20.June.2020 for onward submission to the IIFT.

With regards


Uday Bhaskar
Director General