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End of National State of Emergency and Health Emergency in Peru



PXL/HO/Cir-057/2022-23                                                                            Date:28.10.2022



Subject : End of National State of Emergency and Health Emergency in Peru

Pharmexcil is in receipt of communication from Embassy of India in Lima, Peru regarding Supreme Decree No. 130-2022-PCM (copy of unofficial translation attached) as published on 27th October, 2022.

The Peruvian government vide its Supreme Decree No. 130-2022-PCM decided to put an end to the Health Emergency and National State of Emergency that started on 15th  March, 2020 with Supreme Decree 008-2020-SA. Supreme Decree No. 051-2020-EF was published two days after Supreme Decree 008-2020-SA (copy of unofficial translation attached) which established a reduction on tariffs to zero on certain products ranging from chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical devices to help during the health emergency.

The list included 65 items which further grew to 77 items vide Supreme Decree No. 059-2020-EF dated 28 March, 2022. This reduction on tariff duties were extended automatically until 24th February, 2023 with the extension of the Health emergency on 16 August, 2022 vide Supreme Decree 015-2022-SA.

As on 27th October 2022, the Peruvian government vide Supreme Decree No. 130-2022-PCM decided to finalize the health emergency and the national state of emergency, derogating Supreme Decree No. 015-2022-SA (copy of unofficial translation  attached)and automatically S.D. 059-2020-EF (copy of unofficial translation attached along with Annexure), hence restoring the tariff duties on the 77 items with the benefit. The original tariff duties in some of the products are 0%, 6% or 11%.

Member companies having business operations in Peru are requested to take note of this important information and refer the enclosed list of products/decrees for detailed information on the subject.

With regards,


Udaya Bhaskar

Director General