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Australia-India CECA-views on request list of Australia-regarding


PXL/HO/Cir-122/2021-22                                                                   Date: 10.01.2022





Dear Sir/Madam,   


We are pleased to inform you that the Government of India (GoI) is negotiating an FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with Australia, which in the coming few months will culminate in an interim agreement. In this context, both the countries are exchanging lists of products on which import duties can be eliminated. Australia has indicated to make their import duties zero on 99% tariff lines at the time of entry into force of the agreement. This may translate into increased exports of Indian products to Australia. 


India is also finalizing the list of products on which import duties can be eliminated. In this context, the Dept. of Commerce had previously shared a list of pharmaceutical related products (enclosed-Ind-Aus_CECA_product_list_1) and had sought inputs from Industry on elimination of Import duty for these products from Australia. Please refer to circular: PXL/HO/Cir-117/2021-22 dated 30.12.2021 for which the response was sorted.


In addition to the previously listed products, an additional set of products (enclosed-Ind-Aus_CECA_product_list_2) have been enclosed. To help us in decision-making, the DoC has included the data on India’s MFN customs duties, duties under imports from India’s FTA partners and imports with Australia and the world. 


In view of this, specific inputs with respect to tariff elimination on imports from Australia are required from our industrial partners/members. Therefore, you are requested for product specific comments (see attachments), in order to examine the specific tariff lines of Australia’s wish list. 


·      It is to be noted that the inputs on the tariff lines should indicate specifically (Yes/No) i.e. whether the product can be considered for tariff elimination or not. A short reason for the same would be preferred, which can be provided in the adjoining column. 


We request our members to kindly provide your feedback on the products (tariff lines) for the products of your business interest at the earliest. This will enable us to take up the issues/suggestions effectively with the DoC.  


The attached list of tariff lines marked with the information requested should be mailed in the form of a separate attachment to (rollins@pharmexcil.com). Considering the time bound nature of this assignment, we would appreciate it if the questionnaire can be completed and returned at the earliest by 13th January 2022 EOD



Warm Regards 



Udaya Bhaskar 

Director General


Encl: Product List