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Comittee of Administration
S.No. Name Position Department / Company Name Elected Category Photo
1 Shri Madan Mohan Reddy Chairman AUROBINDO PHARMA LTD Non-SSI Shri Madan Mohan Reddy
2 Shri Dinesh Dua Vice Chairman NECTAR LIFE SCIENCES LTD Status Holder Shri Dinesh Dua
3 Shri Shyamal Misra, IAS Joint Secretary Dept. of Commerce Ex-Officio / Govt. Shri Shyamal Misra, IAS
4 Shri Sudhansh Pant, IAS Joint Secretary Dept. of Pharmaceuticals Ex-Officio / Govt. Shri Sudhansh Pant, IAS
5 Joint Secretary Ministry of Health Ex-Officio / Govt.
6 Dr T S Rao Senior Adviser Dept. of Biotechnology Ex-Officio / Govt. Dr T S Rao
7 Shri Bhavin A Patel Member MEDIWIN PHARMACEUTICALS SSI Shri Bhavin A Patel
8 Dr A R Venkatesh Member GLOBAL PHARMA HEALTH CARE PVT LTD SSI Dr A R Venkatesh
9 Shri Tushar A Korday Member EMIL PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES PVT LTD SSI Shri Tushar A Korday
10 Shri Vijay Shah Member STALLION LABORATORIES PVT LTD SSI Shri Vijay Shah
11 Shri P Ramesh Babu Member SMS PHARMACEUTICALS LTD Non-SSI Shri P Ramesh Babu
12 Shri Sahil Munjal Member IND-SWIFT LABORATORIES LTD Non-SSI Shri Sahil Munjal
13 . Vacant . Non-SSI .
14 Shri Sandeep V Bambolkar Member INDOCO REMEDIES LTD Status Holder Shri Sandeep V Bambolkar
15 Shri Dodda VVS Reddy Member NOSCH LABS LTD Status Holder Shri Dodda VVS Reddy
16 Shri Bharat Desai Member BHARAT PARENTERALS LTD Status Holder Shri Bharat Desai
17 Shri Devang B Shah Member AADIVIGHNESH CHEM PVT LTD Merchant Exporter Shri Devang B Shah
18 Shri Atul Bhopale Member NEXGEN HEALTHCARE PVT LTD Elected / R&D / CRO Shri Atul Bhopale
19 Dr Janmeya H Patel Member PETLAD MAHAL AROGYA MANDAL PHARMACY Herbal / Unani / Ayurveda Dr Janmeya H Patel
20 Shri Siddharth Daga Member VINS BIOPRODUCTS LTD Others Shri Siddharth Daga
21 Shri Deepnath Roy Chowdhury Member Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA) Ex-Officio / National Association Shri Deepnath Roy Chowdhury
22 Shri V V Krishna Reddy Member Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (India) (BDMA) Ex-Officio / National Association Shri V V Krishna Reddy
23 Shri Nilesh Gupta Member Indian Pharmaceuticals Alliance (IPA) Ex-Officio / National Association Shri Nilesh Gupta
24 Shri Chandrakant Bhanushali Member Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers Association (ADMA) Ex-Officio / National Association Shri Chandrakant Bhanushali
25 Dr P M Murali Member Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE) Ex-Officio / National Association Dr P M Murali
26 Shri Udaya Bhaskar, DG Member PHARMEXCIL Ex-Officio / Member Secretary Shri Udaya Bhaskar, DG
27 Shri Raghuveer Kini, ED Member PHARMEXCIL Ex-Officio / Member Secretary Shri Raghuveer Kini, ED
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