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About Asia Pharma
Reflecting the continued growth in the API, generics, fine chemicals and bio-pharmaceuticals industries on the Indian sub-continent, Asia Pharma and related pharma services events saw a 20% increases in exhibitors, coupled with a 5% rise in attendees. The events, held in Mumbai from December 1st to 3rd 2010, reflected the continued growth in region's Pharmaceutical industry. It is the largest and most comprehensive pharmaceutical industry event in South Asia. Click to find out why visiting Asia Pharma can be the best use of your travelling budget and time this year, or find out how exhibiting at Asia Pharma can help your company to generate sales and build brand awareness.

Why Exhibit at Asia Pharma 2024?
Estimated to grow at 15% annually from 2010 to 2022 and reach US18 Billion, India's pharmaceutical industry is guaranteed to offer great opportunities, especially in API, outsourcing, generics, and biosimilars.

Asia Pharma brings pharma professionals from all over the world to Mumbai and facilitates initiating and closing business deals. Take this opportunity to showcase your products and services while enhancing your brand at South Asia's leading pharma industry event.

Exhibitor profile

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Alkaloids, Amino acids, Antibiotics, Antibodies, Antimicrobial preservatives, Antioxidants, Biocatalysts, Biotechnology, Capsules/encapsulation, Chemical synthesis/analysis, Chira intermediates, Coating agents, Colour and dispersions, Custom manufacturing, Cytokines, Emulsifying/solubilising agents, Enzymes, Excipients and Drug formulation, Fine chemicals, Flavours and perfumes, Glidants, Herbal teas, Hormones & synthetic substances, Immunochemistry, Intermediates, Medicinal plants, Microencapsulation, Ointments bases, Peptides, Phospholipids, Plant/animal extracts, Prostaglandins, Publisher, Purification and separation techniques, Regulatory affairs, Sera and Vaccines, Solvents, Stiffening agents, Stiffening bases, Suppository bases, Suspending/viscosity, increasing agents, Sweetening agents, Synthetic organic chemistry, Tablet binders, Tablet disintegrants, Tablet filler-binders, Tablet lubricants, Tissue culture medias, Wetting/solubilising agents
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