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The global life sciences industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. With cost containment measures by the government and moves to cut health expenditures across continents, the pressure on global drug industry to reap more from less is palpable. As one step typically seen, the industry has more than embraced partnerships, eased out of non-core and grown into specialized segments. As an emerging model in the hunt for molecules and cutting down on cost of development, local innovations is gaining importance. The market focus for Big Pharma has simultaneously shifted to developing economies, most distinctly visible in Asian countries like India and China. Regardless of the shortcomings of a tough regulatory and aggressive price control regime, global companies are seen working around the system with new access and financing models than abandoning these markets. The Indian life sciences industry is on the threshold of entering a New Era of growth and positivity, promising extraordinary growth and an innovation driven bioeconomy. However, the big question remains whether the life sciences industry is prepared to exploit this evolving environment and capitalize on the big opportunity?

BioAsia 2015 - the twelfth edition of the widely attended annual convention, is all set to bring together the global industry leaders, researchers, policy makers, innovators, and investors together on one platform discussing the new opportunities in the transition. BioAsia 2015, as a unique meeting platform of leaders from across the industry, will offer the right opportunities to catch the right notes and develop strategies to succeed in emerging markets like India. Join us during BioAsia 2015 and contribute to building an ecosystem that rewards all the stakeholders!       

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