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Reservation of stalls
A Member company or Group of Companies can reserve a maximum of two stalls only.   In case more than two stalls are reserved by a member/ group, Council reserves the right to release excess stalls booked, without any notice. This year, there are 10 (Ten) 12 Sq Mts. Stands. Members who  book a 12 Sq Mt Stand are not allowed to book another stall.

Once a stall is reserved by member, the stall is blocked.   50% of amount has to be paid within 10 days of reservation.  If the payment is not received within the stipulated time, reservation   automatically gets cancelled and the reserved stall becomes open to other members for allotment.  Remaining 50% payment has to be paid   before 31.8.2016

After allotment of stall, cancellation is not allowed. In case, members are not able participate in the event due any reasons, amount paid by them will be forfeited. If the same stall / space is allotted to any other member, Council may consider to refund the amount paid by them after deducting 15% of the amount paid, subject to approval by the Committee. 

Pavilion design:
Council arrange for construction and design of the stall with unique designs for promoting Brand India in the international markets.  Participants in the pavilion are required to adhere to the Pavilion rules.  Participants are at liberty to have their own design for their stalls without disturbing the overall top branding of the Pavilion. In case, participants like to make changes within their stalls, they are required to take prior approval from the Council, to avoid any confusion on site. 

Pillars in Some stands:

Members may note that the stand Nos. IP 23, 26,29,32,34,37,40,42 have pillars and the same may be noted while booking.
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